“Mediating Information; A.A.S.U.S.s’, A.S.U.S.s’(forced), and Lavana Societies’ of ‘Cauc’” – Literary Mediating, Founder and Owner, Kalon Amere Lundy

Kalon Amere Lundy Kenny

State University of New York, College at Buffalo PSC 102 (Spring Semester)
Course Literary Mediating

April Fourth, Year Two-Thousand-Twenty

“Mediating Information; A.A.S.U.S.s’, A.S.U.S.s’(forced), and Lavana Societies’ of ‘Cauc’”

What is the definition of an “Apostle”? Oxford University defined an “Apostle” and stated in the (Second definition, formal Oxford University definition) formal pinioned; “a person who strongly believes in a policy or an idea and tries to make other people believe in it” (Apostle). Noted were three Societies’ that made up a Government type Institute called “World Legal Information Institute (WLII)” founded from United States Department of Justice Government Website and stated; don’t be confused by the group name; “Legal information institutes of the world” used to meet to an agreed “Declaration on Free Access to Law” (Country Links; Declaration on Free Access To Law). My pinioned came after a compared obvious difference in a “jurdicature(d)” because World Legal Information Institute didn’t list “Apostle” in the what could have been called a “Governed Document” similar to the Chain of Command of “The Hague” to the start of “Local Government” Policies of all Documented Communities (Local Government) and Village (Territiory’s) affiliated (Judicature; Declaration on Free Access To Law, Mediating United States of America).

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Furthermore, the “Declaration of Free Access to Law” did not list “Checks and Balances”, while
one of many Country’s of The “Hague” web cited, United States of America; listed an “Executive”, “Legislative”, and “Judicial” Branch Governed Materials (Declaration on Free Access To Law; Mediating United States of America (the Hague), Branches of the U.S. Government). The following three documents came from the “name..changed over the year” noted from Queens College, stated: “The Arts and Science Undergraduate Society (ASUS) was established in (Year) 1890 as the all-male Arts Society” (History of Art and Science Undergraduate Society (ASUS), and Lavana Society). Though The “Arts and Science Undergraduate Society” had franchises noted, included, a conflict of interests title because of Company, “ASUSTeK Computers, Inc.” because of Wireless Pantent’s Expansions (History of Art and Science Undergraduate Society (ASUS), and Lavana Society; Asustek Computer Inc. (Art (with and dishonest acronym) Science Undergraduate Society), Cubesat’s Cited).
Mediated Literary Commuted; Though the previous paragraphs’ had conflicts of interests, K_Lundy_ Productions (K Lundy Productions, Date; April 15, 2019, United Sates, New York State, City of Buffalo, Erie County Clerks Office), Founder and Owner, Kalon Amere Lundy Kenny; developed “Chromosomes Revisions Update” and proved a Quantitative and Good Qualitative only option existed prior to all Species acquired knowledge of Mathematics at minimum to ‘Mediating Human Behavior’s’ in addition to Modern Educating all ‘Celestrial Area’ (‘Chromosomes Revisions Update’, Founded and Owned by Kalon Amere Lundy Kenny). Of many governed style’s of Parliament, Kalon Amere Lundy Kenny’s material has a pinioned ‘calls-to-question’; extincted (“Robert’s Rule of Order”); his Terrestrial-Human Projecting of himself since Fall Season of Year 2015, with a work schedule transitioned proof from “The

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