Mister Kalon Amere Lundy Kenny from Buffalo, New York, United States

‘Chromosomes Revisions Update’ at Authority via Kalon Amere Lundy Kenny Et al


Authored of Prince Lundy Kenny titled, “Ginger Water Cleanse Keys” Literary Production

“Prince Lundy Kenny Visited Often”

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Intl. Brother Kalon Amere Lundy Kenny, INS, B.S., Prince

International Free And Accepted Modern Masons, Incorporated Present’s: ΣΠΦ(1904) ΑΦΑ(1906) ΑΚΑ(1908) ΩΨΦ(1911) ΚΑΝ:ΚΑΨ:ΦΝΠ(1911) ΔΣΘ(1913) ΦΒΣ(1914) ΖΦΒ(1920) ΣΓΡ(1922) ΙΦΘ(1963) (Lundy Kenny, Kalon Amere of Celestrial to Terrestrial Affirmed)…
“African American Collegiate “Noble Nine” Greek Sequence Pinioned” Founder and Owner; Kalon Amere Lundy Kenny of January 12th at 9:33AM Eastern Standard Time of Year 2021.
“Literary Mediating: English 52 Letter’s Numeric Value’s” Founder and Owner; Kalon Amere Lundy Kenny of K_Lundy_ Productions (34th Degree International Modern Master Mason, Terrestrial)

Literary Mediating’s from Extended Play (EP) “Mithout… and Without…” by K_Lundy_ has featured Colleague’s, Artist Appreciating’s, and Family Skill efficacy’s of Good Motivation’s…

Excutive Producer’s: K_Lundy_, A Real

“Featured: A Real, Matick of Uno Triad, State College Students, 6ix9ine, Nicki Minaj, and a Kanye West Producer Aprreciating Literary Mediating using Pianist Vocal skill’s combination’s” | Advanced Placement Entertainment Blog Website: https://www.avpny.wordpress.com

“K_Lundy_ – Bedroom Tentative” (2021, Woman’s Appreciating Literary Mediating)

Good Literary Mediating Each Only | Modern Educating (K_A_L_K_)…

Kalon Amere Lundy Kenny; “About Prince Lundy Kenny”

Born Kalon Amere Kenny, December 31st, Year One-Thousand-Nine-Hundred-Eighty-Nine. Mr. Lundy Kenny was unique because of White Pupils glowing from his Pupil Area’s of his Eye’s…

Kalon Amere Kenny chose his Adopted-Mother; Annie Mae Dhalai, Kinship Name “Lundy” to be his main line of Kinship Identification instead of only showing his Married Birth Father Kenny Kinship Name; Kalon Amere Lundy Kenny…

Kalon Amere Lundy Kenny has been hosted by any post life Organism since Year Two-Thousand-Fifteen and made Earth into International United Communities by Changing The Planet Year Two-Thousand-Seventeen… #PrinceLundyKenny


+1 7164864307 | kalundyk@gmail.com | kalundyk@klundyproductions.com | lundykka319@gmail.com | kennka21@mail.buffalostate.edu …

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