Prince Kalon Amere Lundy Kenny of Buffalo, New York, United States

Authored of Prince Lundy Kenny titled, “Ginger Water Cleanse Keys” Literary Production

“Prince Lundy Kenny Visited Often”

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Intl. Brother Kalon Amere Lundy Kenny, INS, B.S., Prince

International Free And Accepted Modern Masons, Incorporated Present’s: ΣΠΦ(1904) ΑΦΑ(1906) ΑΚΑ(1908) ΩΨΦ(1911) ΚΑΝ:ΚΑΨ:ΦΝΠ(1911) ΔΣΘ(1913) ΦΒΣ(1914) ΖΦΒ(1920) ΣΓΡ(1922) ΙΦΘ(1963) (Lundy Kenny, Kalon Amere of Celestrial to Terrestrial Affirmed)…
“African American Collegiate “Noble Nine” Greek Sequence Pinioned” Founder and Owner; Kalon Amere Lundy Kenny of January 12th at 9:33AM Eastern Standard Time of Year 2021.
“Literary Mediating: English 52 Letter’s Numeric Value’s” Founder and Owner; Kalon Amere Lundy Kenny of K_Lundy_ Productions (34th Degree International Modern Master Mason, Terrestrial)

Literary Mediating’s from Extended Play (EP) “Mithout… and Without…” by K_Lundy_ has featured Colleague’s, Artist Appreciating’s, and Family Skill efficacy’s of Good Motivation’s…

Excutive Producer’s: K_Lundy_, A Real

“Featured: A Real, Matick of Uno Triad, State College Students, 6ix9ine, Nicki Minaj, and a Kanye West Producer Aprreciating Literary Mediating using Pianist Vocal skill’s combination’s” | Advanced Placement Entertainment Blog Website:

“K_Lundy_ – Bedroom Tentative” (2021, Woman’s Appreciating Literary Mediating)

Good Literary Mediating Each Only | Modern Educating (K_A_L_K_)…

Kalon Amere Lundy Kenny; “About Prince Lundy Kenny”

Born Kalon Amere Kenny, December 31st, Year One-Thousand-Nine-Hundred-Eighty-Nine. Mr. Lundy Kenny was unique because of White Pupils glowing from his Pupil Area’s of his Eye’s…

Kalon Amere Kenny chose his Adopted-Mother; Annie Mae Dhalai, Kinship Name “Lundy” to be his main line of Kinship Identification instead of only showing his Married Birth Father Kenny Kinship Name; Kalon Amere Lundy Kenny…

Kalon Amere Lundy Kenny has been hosted by any post life Organism since Year Two-Thousand-Fifteen and made Earth into International United Communities by Changing The Planet Year Two-Thousand-Seventeen… #PrinceLundyKenny


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